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Dance, Rattle & Roll Story Time (Session 2)

I must have worked up quite a sweat at this session! My coworker asked me if I’d run a marathon after it was over. 😀 We had a really great time! And I was a little more confident this time going in because I’d already done it once.

Also, my WONDERFUL husband (who is an audio engineer) came to the library before work today to figure out how to get the music to play over the room’s loudspeakers instead of through my wimpy Bluetooth speaker. The music was nice and loud today and didn’t get lost in all the jumping and giggling!

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Book: Dancing Feet! by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown

dancing feet.jpg

The kids were great at shouting out the animals on each page!

Welcome Song: Clap Your Hands by Old Town School of Folk Music

Song: Walk Around by Dino O’Dell

Song: Movin Groovin by Mr. Jon & Friends


I learned from my last experience and unrolled the parachute on the floor so the kids didn’t have a chance to run underneath.

Song: Row Row Row Your Boat
I do three verses of this classic:
Row row row your boat (the traditional way) //
Rock rock rock your boat, sway from side to side
Merrily merrily merrily merrily what a bumpy ride (bump hands on lap) //
Row row row your boat, gently down the stream
If you see a crocodile (crocodile snap with arms)
Don’t forget to scream (*AH*)

On our last verse where we see a crocodile and scream we lifted the parachute over our heads and screamed underneath of it.

Song: The Grand Old Duke of York

First we did the song with the kids sitting on the ground using the parachute. Then I had everyone stand up and the grownups took control of the parachute and the kids stood underneath of it while we did the song. They love being under that parachute!

Song: Popcorn by Barenaked Ladies

After learning last time that kids go from 0 to 100 REALLY FAST shaking the parachute I had the grownups operate the parachute and the kids stay underneath while we did Popcorn. It worked really well.

Song: All Together Now by The Beatles

Finally, we rode the parachute. I had the little kids (ages 1 & 2) ride first and the big kids helped the grownups turn the parachute around and shake it. Then they switched places. The kids were GREAT with taking turns. I was very impressed. It was a little more orderly than last time since I was better prepared.

After parachute time was over I had everyone count one, two, three while we moved the parachute up and down as we counted and on three they were all supposed to let go at the same time. It worked slightly better then the last session but some of the little ones still need some practice … 🙂

Song: Looby Loo by Patty Shukla

A little tip from me to you. Listen to your “set list” before your story time! I picked this song a month ago and didn’t realize it would be better if the group was in a circle. So I think we’ll try it again at a later session.

Song: If All of the Raindrops by Old Town School of Folk Music


I went old school for this week’s prop.

Song: Shake! (Your Shaker Eggs) by We Kids Rock

Song: Let’s All Shake Our Shaker Eggs by Miss Jamie

I had three songs planned for shaker eggs but I’ve learned that you really only need two for the props. There’s only so much you can do with a shaker egg.

So, as I said last time, my cheap bubble machine didn’t work. I bought a replacement but it will arrive on Friday so we went bubble-less again. I hope it works for next time. I think it’ll add a layer of excitement to a slow, calm song. I turn off the lights for our lullaby song.

Song: Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

After that it was time to go. I turned the lights back on and we sang our goodbye song:

Goodbye Song: Goodbye by Old Town School of Folk Music

I had 56 people at this session. I felt like this session worked better than when I had 64 people. The kids listened really well and the parents were very hands-on.

(I have to, again, give credit to Miss Katie and her Shake, Shimmy & Dance story time as well as the local gym I take my son to for the inspiration.)

Dance, Rattle & Roll: Session 1

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