Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! Mobile Classroom

When I was creating this program in my head I knew I wanted to start each session with a circle time, just like the kids would do in kindergarten. As I was Pinterest-ing my heart out and pouring over ideas, I came across this image and *ding ding ding* it was perfect! A mobile classroom!

I purchased the exact same classroom calendar set from Amazon. A bargain at about $10. I loved how bright and colorful it was and it fit perfectly on the tri-fold presentation board I bought from AC Moore. The listing price on this link says $17.99 but I paid $2.00 for it at the store. The price was originally $4.99 and I had a 60% off coupon. Don’t ever buy anything there without a coupon!!!! 😀

Here’s my final product:

I’m really pleased with how bright and colorful it looks!

The top “The weather is:” card came with the calendar set. It included the categories “Today is” and “Tomorrow is” but since we’re meeting on Wednesdays every time I didn’t feel those segments were necessary so I cut them off with the paper cutter.

The weather cards came with the calendar set as well. I laminated them since we’ll be handling them at each session and I want them to last the whole year. Anything on the board that needs to be changed is tacked up with poster putty I got from Amazon for about $2. Everything else I taped down with good, sturdy packing tape.

The thermometer I had from my kindergarten story time. I laminated it as well and made the “Today it is …” in Word. I hot glued the “Today it is …” onto a mini clothespin. I also hot glued three puffs onto the back of the thermometer so it would be propped up a bit from the board so we would be able to clip the clothespin on each session.

I made the “Color of the Week” banner on Canva and laminated it. The white card came from a set I bought at Dollar Tree:

I bought both sets of cards so I can change out the number, color and shape of the week for each session.

I love this calendar set! I like the different colored numbers so you can really make the weekend stand out. I laminated all the numbers since they’ll be moved around each month.

The days of the week cards came with the calendar set. Again, since we’re only meeting on Wednesdays I didn’t feel the need to do today and tomorrow discussions since it will always be the same. The Days of the Week song we’ll be singing is the same one I used at my kindergarten story time, just to get the days of the week and their order in their heads.

The shape of the week card came from the Dollar Tree set as well.

The letter of the week cards came from Oriental Trading. Aren’t they darling? I paid about $6 for them.

And, lastly, our number of the week. This card came from the Dollar Tree card sets as well.

Each week I’ll take a picture of the tri-fold to show how it changes. I’m so excited for this program to start!

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