Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! — Zoo


To start, I went over our mobile classroom items of the week (Color: Pink [mostly because we haven’t done it before but also because our craft this week was a pig]; Shape: Triangle [like a pig’s ear]; Letters: O & P; Number: 9. Our concept of the week was STEM. 

Then we started circle time:

Song: Days of the Week (to the tune of The Addams Family)
Days of the week, (clap, clap)
Days of the week, (clap, clap)
Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (clap, clap)
There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,
There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday,
And then there’s Saturday.
Days of the week, (clap, clap)
Days of the week, (clap, clap)
Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (clap, clap)
Source: Ms. Brown’s Classroom

We looked at our calendar and discussed what day of the week it was, what month we were in, and what day of the month it was. Then we moved on to the weather:

Song: What’s the Weather? (to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine)
What’s the weather? What’s the weather?
What’s the weather like today?
Is it sunny? Is it windy?
Is it rainy? Is it cold?

What’s the weather? What’s the weather?
What’s the weather like today?
Is it snowy? Is it cloudy?
Is it stormy? Is it hot?

Then it was time for our theme discussion. 

Non-Fiction Book: Zoo by Gail Gibbons

zoo gail gibbons.jpg

Not my favorite of hers but still better than any other non-fiction book I looked at! It had a little more of a fiction tone but still gave great information about what zookeepers do and how the animals at the zoo are cared for.

Fiction Book: Wild About Books by Judy Sierra; pictures by Marc Brown

wild about books.jpg

Rhyming book about a librarian who parks her bookmobile outside of a zoo and finds all of the animals books to suit their needs.

When we were done with our theme books we talked about the letters of the week. We discussed the letter O first. We talked about the sounds O makes and some words that start with O. Then we reviewed letter P.

Letter P Book: Piggies in Pajamas by Michelle Meadows; illustrated by Ard Hoyt

piggies in pajamas.jpg

Rhyming book about piggy siblings who sneak around, avoiding bedtime.

Then we did our letter P craftThis is the same one I created for our Annual ABC project two years ago. 


When we were done with our craft, the kids were free to roam the centers. I made all of the signs in Canva.



I filled the tray with salt and lined it with an image from Canva. The number formation rhyme is from Teaching Mama. The letter instructions came from Worksheets to Print.




The orange, owl eraser, and octopus came in separate packs from Dollar Tree. The orchid, otter, and orca are from my Flowers, North American Wildlife, and Arctic TOOBS, respectively. 


The pig is a bath squirter I borrowed from my son. (It’s never been used in the bath, just for playing!) The penguin eraser, pepper, and pumpkin came in separate packs from Dollar Tree. The panther is from the library’s Duplo collection. The platypus came in a pack of Australian animals I got on Amazon. The pencil and paperclip were collected from around the library.

The foam letters for both bins came from puzzles I found at Dollar Tree. I created the tub labels in Canva.



I made the pink play-doh. I got the alphabet and counting mats from Oriental Trading. 



This week’s sensory bin was filled with black beans I had leftover from our Bug Ready, Set, Kindergarten! sorting bin. I created the mats in Canva. I gathered four of each animal from my various TOOBs for each mat. I also set out fences and trees from our Duplo/Lego collections for the kids to build a zoo if they wished.



I got the idea for this craft from Pocket of Preschool. I set out markers and crayons; feathers (from Dollar Tree!); black and brown circles; yellow, black, brown, and orange stripes; orange triangles; paper plates; and googly eyes. The kids could make their favorite animal or create a whole new one. They LOVED this table! And they created some amazing animals! (The feathers were very popular!)



Scavenger hunts are beloved by this crowd. The last one I did was at our Valentine’s Day Ready, Set, Kindergarten! and I wanted to do another one for them before our summer break. I got the handouts from Homeschool Preschool.  I printed out a handout in color and laminated it. i cut out each animals and taped them around the room. I told the kids to take a walk around the “zoo” to discover all of the animals. They could choose a piece of candy after they checked off all the animals on the list.

In hindsight I should have included a fun fact about each animal at each stop to make it a little more educational. Next time!



Our last center was inspired by Sara J Creations. I printed out the STEM cards she generously provided and set out a variety of building materials for the kids to use: play-doh (green for grass, brown for dirt, blue for water); straws; marshmallows; toothpicks; craft sticks; index cards; animals; beads (for ice); and an assortment of animals from my TOOB collection. The kids loved building little zoos and pens for the animals.

Our session summary:

page 1 handout (1).jpg

page 1 handout (2).jpg

I also handed out two letter/number of the week worksheets for them to color at home and practice their writing. I got the letter worksheets from Easy Peasy Learners and the number worksheets from Tot Schooling. And lastly as homework I sent home a color-by-size worksheet from Homeschool Preschool

Next (and last before our summer break!) session: Space!

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